The Miraculous LadyNoir One Shots!

The Miraculous LadyNoir One Shots!

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Fangirl Alert! By unicornpig Updated Mar 26, 2016

(Original title @ me)

So, basically, this is a book of LadyNoir/Adrienette/MariChat/Ladrien/whatever tf you want to call it one shots! 

This book will contain:

-maybe like really lame smut @ all you sinners 


Cinnibunny Cinnibunny Mar 10
YAAAAAAAAASSSSAAS!!!! Personally, I'm a Gryffindor but Ravenclaw was my second choice
Cinnibunny Cinnibunny 5 days ago
The thing is, they leave so many clues. It doesn't matter if their features are different, it's easy to figure it out
Your writing is amazing! The characters are so well written, it's just like watching the show. SO GOOD.
Even though I'm Slytherin ravenclaws are always welcome to stay and chat with me
Hawkmoth u can send me an akuma *sp pwease* I will gladly be evil just to get rid of Chloe then ladybug and Chat noir can turn me back as long as Chloe remembers her lesson
The girls name is reyna hmm....holy Percy Jackson hero's of Olympus reyna from camp Jupiter is here yay.
                              My top fave fandom's are coming together fangirl dream's do come true