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The Crystal Beauty

The Crystal Beauty

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N/A By AliceNoSakura Updated Oct 28, 2016

We all know Heartfilia Lucy right? Wrong. After 3 years of suffering because of her so called 'nakamas' Lucy breaks. Well her shell does at least. Her current body is just a shell to protect her soul while her true self is slowly healing. How it all started? After Lisanna came back. Don't worry though she and Lucy are friends, so are the exceeds, Gildarts, the thunder god tribe, master, Levy, Juvia, Mira, Wendy, Romeo, and Gajeel. Although Gray and Erza do talk there not so close. There is also Cobra, Midnight, Angel, Hot Eye, and Racer. She also often has visits from Crime Socicere and Sabrtooth. She is Lumen Histoire the guilds light yet dark.

Zero_CuriosityMaster Zero_CuriosityMaster Jul 05, 2016
*Lucy slapped Natsu*
                              Lucy - From now on you will call me your majesty!
They have a basement?
                              *remembers the basement*
                              Oooohhhh right that basement
sugercanewonderland sugercanewonderland Nov 13, 2016
i was wondering where did u get that first picture on the 1st part
DeathsLullaby DeathsLullaby Jul 07, 2016
As soon as i saw "GET OUT OF THE WAY" i thought🎤 "Moooove ,get out the way!- get out the way!- get out the way!"🎤