Destiny written in the stars? ( Loke/Leo X Reader ) {slow updates currently}

Destiny written in the stars? ( Loke/Leo X Reader ) {slow updates currently}

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Hannah of FairyTail By hannahadams1000 Updated May 12, 2017

(Y/n) is a celestial wizard that stumbles upon the Fairy Tail guild. She meets Lucy Heartfillia, and her spirits. One more flirtatious spirit seems to find and interest in her. His name is Leo the Lion, or as some of his friends know him, Loke. You wave him off most of the time, thinking he's just a flirt, but you can't help to sometimes fall for his charms. 

But something in both of your pasts' connect you. Will this connection end up making you destined to love this man, or  to hate him?

Still terrible at descriptions,  but please read it will be good!

  • celestial
  • destiny
  • fairy
  • fairytail
  • friendship
  • guild
  • hate
  • key
  • leo
  • lion
  • loke
  • love
  • lucy
  • magic
  • romance
  • spirit
  • stars
  • tail
  • wizard
  • xreader
-_Tulips_- -_Tulips_- Aug 07, 2017
they're just like Geminia ( don't know the spelling sorry.. ) right? but both are girls....
TeganFaust TeganFaust Feb 10
Leo minor is a actual constipation but is known as the little lion.
jessisthebest711 jessisthebest711 Jan 24, 2017
My God how can I not remember my husband's name
                              If you're asking me why I'm here, I've read every gruvia and grayxreader there is and I can't do Lyonxreader cause I feel weird cause that's my baby's brother,,, idk can't explain BUT LET THE STORY CONTINUE X3
jessisthebest711 jessisthebest711 Jan 24, 2017
MG help me I thought it said Volpina WHO ELSE IS HYPE FOR SEASON TWO 
                              Oh right, no one knows what I'm talking about...
                              I'll be in the corner if you need me
puppybunnysquid puppybunnysquid Mar 02, 2017
And I'm back yet again. It's always on the pictures or something that doesn't make any sense that went in my head that I share. This one is a picture. Gray looks so unamused at Happy and Loke. Later
Wierd_Okatu_Llama Wierd_Okatu_Llama Jan 30, 2017
When the little lion thing came up. It reminded me of bleach