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I'm in love with Lucy Snape, but I'm a Weasley!

I'm in love with Lucy Snape, but I'm a Weasley!

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Lυcу Sηαρє By TheHalfBloodPrincess Completed

~Book two~ Sequel to 'i'm in love with Fred Weasley but i'm Snape's daughter!' (Original title of this book: I am/ was in love with Fred Weasley, but I'm Snape's daughter?) Lucy feels pressured now, Fred isn't with her and she has to face Hogwarts with only a few of her friends because they have either left or they're parents won't allow them to go to Hogwarts. As her dad is the headmaster of Hogwarts she feels hurt that he killed Dumbledore until he explains to her the truth. Will Lucy get back with Fred?

RavenClawPrincess101 RavenClawPrincess101 Sep 29, 2016
Oh yes she is perfectly fine! didn't you know? she just got cruciod 'till she passed out but yeah shes fine!
My_sister_is_Lily My_sister_is_Lily Nov 21, 2015
She's totally fine 😀just recovering from the cruciatus curse 😀but other than that she's fine
My_sister_is_Lily My_sister_is_Lily Nov 21, 2015
If Snape wanted to be untrusted by Voldemort then he would've done something
ame1133 ame1133 Aug 12, 2015
ya she's so fine I mean just got cursed and stuff and woke up on the floor, soooo fine like how
                              could you Evan ask
potterheadpage394 potterheadpage394 Jul 29, 2015
Oh she's fine :) just recovering from the painful cruciatus curse... :) totally fine :)...
FunckyFunnyBunnies FunckyFunnyBunnies Jul 22, 2015
Everyone is saying George is theirs... How about everyone just becomes George's slüts and help him make a play boy mansion or something?!