Tumblr Posts I

Tumblr Posts I

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All the funniest gems from your 2nd favorite website! (WP being the first, of course) Be sure to tag your friends!

Please be advised this story contains swearing and some mature themes!

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Icanonlybe Icanonlybe Aug 07
One time me and my friend rolled down the stairs on the bleachers and this other kid decided to do it, but he hurt his ass and we all got in trouble. The end.
SO204_ SO204_ Jun 29
I have a kid in my class who would legitimately do this like
Well of course it's normal. Tony just got pregnant whilst using a pollyjuice potion.
One time I rolled down a hill with my friend and we forgot it was remaining for the last 3 days so at the end we landed in a puddle of dirty water with leaves everywhere...... that was a great day
-tsunamii- -tsunamii- Aug 02
Why am I going through an existential crisis, you ask? 
                              Well, now you know
I am that kid. Except my school system is awesome so I would've started everyone wanting to roll down the hill