|5SOS Smut| boyxboy✔️

|5SOS Smut| boyxboy✔️

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Lashton's Love Child By Olivia5Hemmings Completed

Well the tittle pretty much explains everything.

There's going to be some:
•C.A.L.M...? maybe?

Most of these stories are not mine.

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*throws cat at him (sorry kitty)* FIND YOUR FÛÇKÌÑG CHILL MAN!
popcorn_whore1989 popcorn_whore1989 Jun 20, 2017
This is all over a little glass on the floor because of the cat...THE CAT...this is why I hate cats
popcorn_whore1989 popcorn_whore1989 Jun 20, 2017
Nigga it wasn't even his fault and it's only a little glass wtf
Yourminebish Yourminebish Aug 05, 2017
"Say my name, say my name. When no one is around you say baby I love you,"
                              K I'll just go home
iHadNiallsBaby iHadNiallsBaby Dec 19, 2016
Forget the lube and my him feel the pain! Let his arse burnnnn
- - Oct 03, 2016
So yeah...the video...the feels...and Ed Sheeran...are you trying to kill us??????