My Boy [BWWM]

My Boy [BWWM]

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briiiee By briiiee Updated Nov 25

Ezra. The popular, charming, but cold hearted guy in the school. But with his good looks, he's able to get any girl he wanted while most guys would envy him. But, he was a fighter and the other guys never had the courage to stand up to him, not wanting to ruin their pride by getting humiliated by the big, bad, Ezra Grant.

But to Frankie, she doesn't see that.

Frankie is the quiet, bookworm who will always be lost in some teen romance novel. Her only friend is probably her book characters and Ezra Grant. Speaking of Ez, she can't help but feel... at home when she's around her best friend since middle school. The one who would always make her feel like she's apart of something when everyone else doesn't. 

Could there be something more than just, 'best friends' when it comes to the popular white boy Ez and the shy, quiet black girl Frankie? Or will society stop them from even being best friends in the first place...

I knew his father was a creep, I can't believe he tried to rape her
My cousin didn't eat chocolate and I was so scared for her and I made her eat it and now she's worse than me😊
ThePinkYoda ThePinkYoda Jul 22
See what im talking bout he a grown ass man with a wife ...........he need jesus
The sandwich.............darn it man! But that was crazy like is his father messed up in the head cause i think so too!
MyIshBabe MyIshBabe Nov 24
"look at those smooth legs you have." THANKS. I DON'T EVEN SHAVE *wiggles eyebrows*
MyIshBabe MyIshBabe Nov 24
I find that very sexy.. the whole idea of her telling him what to do.