My Boy (BWWM)

My Boy (BWWM)

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briiiee By briiiee Updated Jul 19, 2017

Ezra Morehead seemed typical jock who was able to get any girl he wanted with just a charming smile and a light twinkle of ocean blue eyes. He could intimidate anyone with his large stature and fearsome aura. However, he wasn't like most guys; he only pictures himself with one girl since the day he knew what the word 'love' meant...and the feeling only gets stronger everyday he's with her. 

Frankie Allen is 'her.' The quiet girl who has a harder time making friends with her mediocre looks, shy personality and timidness. But if you ever got the chance to get to know her, you'd wish you'd only met her sooner because she's the most trusted, kindest, and beautiful person you could ever meet. That's who Ezra fell in love with, and each day the love he had for only grew stronger, and so did the difficulty of him not voicing it. 

But high school changes people. Hormones invade our system and it's harder to contain our emotions. So it's only fate that has Ezra confessing his feelings for his best friend since first grade. The surprising thing is though, is she felt the same way. But is it also fate that will keep them together? Or will the weight of the world around them tear the lovers apart, one way or another?

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Okokunicornss Okokunicornss Aug 02, 2017
5'9 I'm so happy that a book is finally giving the girl height too. God did not make every girl short and every guy tall! I hate the tradition 5'2 girls. Us tall girls need recognition too
low-keysmrt low-keysmrt Dec 09, 2017
Pinkice12345 Pinkice12345 Aug 07, 2017
I can never relate to these books cuz they all got small tits
Okokunicornss Okokunicornss Aug 02, 2017
I'm a Black girl I like to eat white cholcate and I like white cholcate guys 😂😩😍
PeachesNHoes PeachesNHoes Oct 05, 2017
They need to chill out with their ole pale skin aśs thinking they better than everyone
ladys1745 ladys1745 Oct 11, 2017
I was disappointed too. I thought she was truly cofessing her love