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꧁ 𝓒𝓸𝓬𝓸 ꧂ By admcm- Updated May 02, 2017

❝ωєℓcσмє to my OC Wonderland.❞  

➸ This is a roleplay book for my OCs ; meaning only OCs I create will go here. 
♣ I will put a scenario in each chapter, Please follow along with each scenario.     
♣ If there is an OC you'd like to roleplay with from my OC book, yet there is no chapter created,  please leave a request for that character and I will reserve a chapter for you. 
➸ Rules will be posted in the first chapter. If you do not follow the rules, I will not roleplay with you, and the chapter will stay open for someone else to enter. 

❝Enjoy your stay ― And do try not to go мα∂.❞

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something_bound_ something_bound_ Apr 02, 2017
I love both the idea and the name of this. ^^ I shall join. :3
-redcurls -redcurls Mar 23, 2017
May I? I was reading this book and I'm absolutly in love with your characters and I would love if I could roleplay with you :3
LukePenguin112 LukePenguin112 Jun 26, 2017
I should probably start doing that more often to not make the role plays boring ; A ;
QueenOfWanderlust QueenOfWanderlust Jun 14, 2016
Would you mind creating a scenario revolving around Marrock? Based on the scenario you come up with I'll write up a form!!! I just love Rping with you so this would be cool, as is Marrock XD
Gamergirl80 Gamergirl80 Jun 24, 2016
I really want to request a roleplay but I've reached my 3 OC limit. T~T
sociallynot_ sociallynot_ Apr 25, 2016
Author~senpai may goldenheart119~chan (I think I've watched too much anime today XD) request an OC?