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Learning to Love | Kakashi x Reader

Learning to Love | Kakashi x Reader

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conjuring_elements By conjuring_elements Updated Dec 31, 2016

"You glanced around the classroom nervously. Everyone was chattering about it, talking amongst themselves with worry, excitement, hoping to get the partner of their choice. It was the day. Today was the day you would get your marriage partners...
The disease. It was all the disease's fault. It came out of no where. One day everything was fine, and the next people were dying, practically dropping dead because the disease moved so fast. It devastated everything. It killed thousands in Konoha...
'You asked to see me after my class was done...'
'Yes, you sit down as well. I have a very important matter to discuss... I'll put this bluntly to make this easier,' Tsunade said with the utmost seriousness, '(f/n), you are to be paired with...'"
-Learning to Love, Chapter One

If my dad died right now I would be an orphan and have nothing but my friends to support me
My dad and I may not be close, but I'd bawl my eyes out if my dad died.
Why don't they give the disease to the children, so the children can build up an immunity to it. Like how we do it with shots. Funny how nobody thought of this.
Quirkchild Quirkchild Jun 21, 2016
Was she the same mother that have kicked me out of the house
DDankMemeLordd DDankMemeLordd Aug 29, 2016
I knew that summary seemed like her story well at least you got permission
KaatKrew KaatKrew Dec 31, 2016
I'd be sad if this really happened. ;-; luckily, my dad just goes out of state and works and then comes back after a couple of weeks... or months....