What If...

What If...

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What if things turned out differently? What if Dipper took the shot instead of Ford? What if Dipper was turned to gold? What if he was captured instead? And what if he happened to fall in love with the demon who was behind Weirdmageddon?  

Strong language

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Let's give the man who has no clu3 how to shoot a gun a gun to shoot someone with and if he misses we all die.. no big deal
Tad: Well, uh...you sacrificed your nephew to...um...a demon...MY demon brother...so...he’s screwed pretty much.
So Im listening to Somebody Told Me by The Killers and is making this a lot more intense then it really is.
Catplane52 Catplane52 Jan 26
Is Ford gonna teach Dipper how to work it so Dipper can show off to Bill? 😂
I like flying Doritos with one eye that literally wants to kill everyone
Skittles_28 Skittles_28 Dec 25, 2017
I will miss that flying nacho...forever in my heart one eyed dorito