What If...

What If...

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BD4L By BillDipFourLife Completed

What if things turned out differently? What if Dipper took the shot instead of Ford? What if Dipper was turned to gold? What if he was captured instead? And what if he happened to fall in love with the demon who was behind Weirdmageddon?  

Strong language

I do not own Gravity Falls!

Why dorito... why you pulling my heart strings like a puppeteer...
Button_Eye Button_Eye Mar 12
*sees tatoo and laughs* looks like bill already claimed him
                              Bill: DAMN RIGHT I DID ! >:)
I'm literally gonna get that tatto and go to my freinds and go like " BILL CIPHER SUCKERS!!!" While showing them the tattoo
respect103 respect103 Mar 29
Now I did this for my story one purpose because Gravity falls aired 6/18, is that the reference?
Levi_T Levi_T Nov 17, 2016
Experiment 666 because bill cipher is secretly Satan thats why
http_kking http_kking Sep 24, 2016
Experiment 707, the case looks all dramatic like from a korea/Japanese drama, Ford looks at dipper serouisly then down back the case, Ford opens the case and memes,cats, and hunny Bubba chips pop out of the case.