Jail Break || Miraculous Ladybug

Jail Break || Miraculous Ladybug

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a.k.a Moana By oceanbeatz Updated Aug 02

Chloé Bourgeois is dead.  She was murdered, stabbed to be exact.  And all evidence leads to Ladybug as the killer.

Now that no one trusts Ladybug, Marinette must find out who the real murderer is without revealing her superhero identity.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the characters, unless I made them up by myself.  All characters belong to their respective owners; Zagtoon, Method Animation, Toei Animation and SAMG etc. I only own the plot, this is a work of FANFICTION.

cover credit: @kingdomdance

©oceanbeatz 2016 || Amanda Fran

I feel bad for Chloé. She might have been rude and bratty at times, yet she's still human. She had way more to live, things to do, Chloé might have changed over the time. Now look at her. She's dead. Stay safe Chloé... hopefully.
5642466deMG 5642466deMG Jun 15
God, can't y'all just let her explain?! She hasn't killed her!!
Don't pick it up! RUN!!!!!!!!!.........after you erase the security cameras, that is. 😄
Chat no. Why. You know very well Ladybug wouldn't murder you IDOIT.
mlgladybug mlgladybug Jan 30
Chloe? Murdered? *throws gun away* why are you all staring at me? I didn't do anything *shoves food in mouth to avoid talking* psh... *looks back at hands and swallows food* that? Oh, thats not blood...its...um...jam?
Well. Hey. Chat noir. Didn't expect to see you here. How's your day going?