We love him and we hate you {Book 1}

We love him and we hate you {Book 1}

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The G8 and China were forced by their bosses to go and spend a week in America, probably for some bonding or something and a possible attempt at "world peace". But not everything goes according to plan... Last minute they had to change their flight course. The moment they did however, their perspective of America changed for the rest of their lives...


Nope I do not own Hetalia or any of the pictures at all. The states though, they do belong to me, I created them so yeah. If your picture is in here let me know so I can give you credit! Hope you enjoy!

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also l  see you look at the states as separate people? I see them as part of America cause Florida is uh and Texas is canon his glassesb
_Lady_Hikari_Hana_ _Lady_Hikari_Hana_ Aug 30, 2017
"And I could be enough. And we could be enough. That would be enough."
craftymind406 craftymind406 Mar 25, 2017
I live in Michigan, and that is a 100% accurate description of me omfg
Indigo-Blues_- Indigo-Blues_- Dec 07, 2017
I miss Obama so much :c Korea is being a butt and we need someone that isn't a cheeto to take care of it!
Alfred-F-Jones50 Alfred-F-Jones50 Jun 29, 2017
And that would be enough!! And we could be enough!!!~ Hamilton references everywhere
space1rice space1rice Jan 02
I live in California, I wish I could live elsewhere though :,)