We love him and we hate you {Book 1}

We love him and we hate you {Book 1}

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xXFallenHeroXx By xXFallenHeroXx Completed

The G8 and China were forced by their bosses to go and spend a week in America, probably for some bonding or something and a possible attempt at "world peace". But not everything goes according to plan... Last minute they had to change their flight course. The moment they did however, their perspective of America changed for the rest of their lives...


Nope I do not own Hetalia or any of the pictures at all. The states though, they do belong to me, I created them so yeah. If your picture is in here let me know so I can give you credit! Hope you enjoy!

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Ivvy_Grace Ivvy_Grace Apr 28, 2016
All I can think, is Italy trying to flirt with Hawaii and Germany just holding him back.
ZimVader0017 ZimVader0017 Jun 09, 2016
I'm sorry, but China isn't part of the G8. 
                              Great story, though, it has an interesting plot, that's just been bothering me for a while.
Aph_Arkansas Aph_Arkansas 3 days ago
-Loves story already-
                              But tfw in every story states are in, Arkansas is either a guy or isn't mentioned at all---
LiliaGaming LiliaGaming Aug 27, 2016
End shows me this account. I decide to check it out later the same day. I crack open this book. I get hooked on the first chapter. What is wrong in my life? Can anyone point it out with the info I've provided? Please.... I need help...
RussiaSunflower RussiaSunflower Mar 21, 2016
This is really awesome! I would love to read more! Also if you need another state I'm alright being VA. Love the story!
faiththestoryteller faiththestoryteller May 03, 2016
I have a few New Yorkers in my family, so I can safely say this guy sounds more like the Bronx.