Sam Uley's  Sister.

Sam Uley's Sister.

25.4K Reads 630 Votes 8 Part Story
Vampwolfgirl By JessicaChambers881 Updated Jul 03

Bella finds out she is Alpha Sam's sister.

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Bellatrix-Amethyst Bellatrix-Amethyst Mar 19, 2017
Need quptation marks when someone is talking. And clearer explanations
Bellatrix-Amethyst Bellatrix-Amethyst Mar 19, 2017
There are a lot of run on sentences but other then that its good
Ashley_Noe32 Ashley_Noe32 Jul 05, 2017
Needs better punctuation and details other than that its really good
gaypurplepumpkin gaypurplepumpkin Jul 10, 2017
How you should have put it was
                              "And on monday, I have a surprise for you"
JudithPajatinIrlande JudithPajatinIrlande Sep 09, 2017
                              Are you faqing kidding me ?! best dad in the world?! Yeah sure stop being delusional!
_noenoel_ _noenoel_ Jun 05, 2016
There should really be quotation marks. And clearer explanations