Save Me From Him (Sasunaru)

Save Me From Him (Sasunaru)

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crazyfreakdeath By crazyfreakdeath Completed

It's probably gonna be a one shot in not sure 

Well naruto is a 22 year old office worker who ownes a baby Fox 

So when you own a Fox you gotta feed it what better way to get the food delivered home

What happens when a certain blond catches the eye of a raven

... I totally don't drink beer to sleep better at the age of 11... -replacement justu bitch-
Newa_Chan Newa_Chan Apr 21
It was New Year once...
                              On the table there were two things, a bottle of Beer and a Bottle of CocaCola,
                              I asked my Dad for one, he said I could pic one from the table, I ended up getting the beer one...
My dad did that to me when I was about 5 and then when I was 10 I got a bottle that looked like soda and drank it all and my mom lets me drink wine sometimes and I am barely 15
My mom let's me and my younger sister drink Champagne when I was 6 and she was 4, since Champagne barely had alcohol in it, every Christmas and New Years
DNyshaNorris DNyshaNorris Sep 07, 2016
My mom let me tast it and it was yuck.... She said this is y we don't drink  beer rum or any of that nasty stuff
AnimeFANsWorld6 AnimeFANsWorld6 Aug 20, 2016
The... The kawaii level... It's.... ITS!!!
                              OVER 9,000!!!!!!!