Red Strings And Markers

Red Strings And Markers

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Mimi By sailortwilightt Completed

Whatever mark you get on your skin, your soul mate gets it too.

Marinette would love to draw all over herself to see who her soul mate is, but due to her alternate persona, Ladybug, her red strings of fate have tied her to Chat Noir. 
As Chat Noir, Adrien would love to find out who his Lady is so they could be happy both in and out of cover.
But their kwami only allow them to use their markers after an Akuma attack  and never throughout the day.
Will the two go against their kwami's and go find each other, or will they remain in a world of ignorance?

Together forever, never apart, maybe in distance, but never in heart.

Includes mild strong language, sexual references and themes. 
August 25, 2017 ranked #161 in fanfiction!

Cover done by the wonderful @Infinite_Writer01

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So you could just be like 'hi I'm ___ who are you?' And they would see it and just respond??
Me: *nosebleeds and blushes*
                              Friend: ooooh! _____ has a crush 
                              Me: *looks at GIF* yeah... no shame in admitting it.
                              Friend: LEMME SEE!
                              Me: *shows GIF*
                              Friend: ......
                              Me: ......
                              Friend: *smacks me*
Lol, this was my fave scene besides the kiss in the first season XD
katielovestrase katielovestrase 2 days ago
Well my 14 yo friend keeps asking me to buy her batteries for her vibrator so....
Hey that is so me when i try to face plant but end making it look awesome not maybe don't no don't care
Ahh god its so penetrating like chat let me live to get children and show em miraculous ladybug BEFORE you kill me like okay they need to witness the amazing show and I need to explain to them why this is the best show ever created so hold that smirk and wink please