My Italian Billionare

My Italian Billionare

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"From the first time i layed eyes on you, i knew that you were the one."He whispered looking straight into her eyes.

"How are you so sure" she whispered back.

"Because i am always right, and you will always be mine". He said lovingly.


Alessio Fenica, one of the richest men in italy has fallen for a very shy, smartmouthed girl named Serena DeGellari.

One night Serena, was forcefully dragged by her friends to a nightclub which just so happens to be owned by Alessio. 

What will happen when Alessio wants her to be his but Serena doesn't want a boyfriend especially an arrogant man like him.

My name is Sarina, I read Harry Potter, and I wear dresses like that. This book is telling me something. And I love Italian men! ❤️
I love Netflix, but clubbing is better especially the dancing and great music