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Sacheeko Snow By sacheeko Updated Jan 17


Do Yeoreum likes Byun Baekhyun so much she fangirls about him everyday. //because he's too hot!// But, the guy's oblivious about it. 
Still, it's okay for herㅡshe prefers it one sided though.

And here comes, Oh Sehun. Another gorgeous guy, filling the earth with awesomeness. Baekhyun's ultimate rival. Yeoreum does not like him that much yet the guyㅡsays that he likes her.

When Baekhyun knew about Sehun liking Do Yeoreum, he turned jealous. He wants her attention. He wants her to only like him.

It's weird.

Because they hate each other. And they like her.

But, they're not the perfect men for her.

They're too close...
Her Mister Almost-s.

Itz_Isabel Itz_Isabel Oct 01, 2016
He looks like suho's son. Like he literally looks like a younger version of suho here and I love it xx
Kai_Otic Kai_Otic Dec 19, 2016
He's so tall and handsome as hell. He's so bad but he does it so well or and he's gay ? Thx taylor swift but I hate u taylor swift
oohsederp oohsederp Feb 25
Hey!! No no no ☝ Engineers belong to Archis no argument needed . Fight me
exobangtanvelvet exobangtanvelvet Dec 22, 2016
Mah gawd😂😂😂😂👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 congratulations
NinaErac NinaErac Feb 11
don't mind others business yeoreum I know baekyun and sehun are enemies but it doesn't mean that sehun is bad.  😑😑
sarcasmatthedisco sarcasmatthedisco Dec 26, 2016
*punches through coffin*
                              SAIL SAIL SAIL
                              *breaks door down*
                               GOTTA GOTTA GO GO
                              *bursts in*
                              GOTTA FIND THE EL DORADO EL DORADO