Brutal Beginnings (Four's sister Divergent)  UNDER EDITING

Brutal Beginnings (Four's sister Divergent) UNDER EDITING

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You've all heard of Four? Tobias Eaton? Did you know he had a sister?

Louisa Eaton is a fierce individual, she isn't made for Abnegation life. Everyday she puts up with blinding pain, from someone who shouldn't deliver it. Her father.

Louisa grabs her chance and flees, leaving the whippings and beatings back in the plain grey stoned house she had to call home.

She makes quite an entrance to her new life, including meeting someone she hasn't seen in two years.

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Listening to that song while reading this makes me cry cause my life was a lot like four and his father
Reading this whole listening to this song makes me want to cry cause my life was a lot like four and his dad
I like this better than the original actually. She has a beautiful voice and sings this in an amazing way
Ur all thinking it either Uriah of Zeke, but what if its some random kid that isn't important to the actual novels. Just a thought
- - Jan 03
Hey! I just found this book! I already read the other two in your fanfic series, and I was all like, where is the first one? But I finally found it! Yayyyyy
Wait! It is Uriah, because Zeke is passed initiation, and can't go to school anymore.