Running From The Bad Boys With His Babies

Running From The Bad Boys With His Babies

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卌 Alexandria Rose 卌 By AlexandriaRoseWalker Completed

Book 2 of The Bad Boys Series

Blake left the one place she has only ever known. Ryan was confused and angry and the situation gets worse when the boys arrive home and Blake is not there and neither is her car, once everyone saw the message she sent each begin asking questions as to why she left, though it was kind of obvious no one wanted to believe it.

Kayden's broken, when he finds out she's gone he's dead physically and mentally, but when he realises he is part of the reason she left he hates himself but will do anything to get her back, even if it means delving into his past to retrieve her, each of the boys turn to their past, a place they agreed to never go again, but there's always that one person to change that.


Previously on The Bad Boys Saved My Life... Blake fell pregnant with Kayden's baby, when she walked back into the cafeteria she saw Kayden kissing one of the sluts of the school, heart broken and lost she turns and runs, getting into her car she leaves town, sending a message to everyone she loves Blake throws her phone and continues to drive into the open world.

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dalila-hernandez dalila-hernandez Dec 22, 2017
Have y'all noticed that the guy she running away from is the evil witch from snow white
AlexisMartinez424 AlexisMartinez424 May 10, 2016
Love it I can't wait for the next chapter uh the wait is going to make my heart hurt when's the next update please thank you love it so much