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Miss Keisha By LadyK30 Completed

Jackson Jones stared at the beauty before him as she removed her clothing. He was a married man, but that didn't stop him. Jackson was the prestigious Pastor of Greater Emmanuel and he divided his time between a couple women. His eyes remained fixed on Lauren Smith, his daughter's best friend and business partner. 

Jackson knew when he first laid eyes on her that he had to have her. Lauren's light-brown skin was flawless, and those light gray eyes were hypnotizing. She was the same age as his daughter, which was twenty-four. If his daughter knew that he was boning her best friend, she would surely hit the roof. A man of his caliber could get away with whatever because of his status and title. Not only that, people in the street knew that he carried weight and had a lot of power.

"Lauren come and hop on this dick and ride it real good for me." He held his thick erection in his hand as he slowly stroked it.

Lauren removed her black thong and stood before him in nothing. She looked so ...

Well.You are messin with her best friend so bestfreinds share all they lil secrets u never know papa. Bear
Why do men do that ?!  You have a whole wife at home that's claiming ?! Boi bye
LaahNiya LaahNiya Jul 08
I'm so lost which one comes first this one or preachers daughter
SlimeeSosa SlimeeSosa Jul 11
Excuse me? I don't like neither one of y'all atm, but do you see a ring on her finger? No? Okay, so she can go & ride as many eggplants as she pleases.
thug1y thug1y Aug 13
church's dat u would  think have the most holys ppl in dem really have the most thots not just thots but lots of dem a whole line and they be the first ones to get and start dancing sreamin like the got the holy ghost
SlimeeSosa SlimeeSosa Jul 11
She took "I can become ya stepmother" to a whole nother leve, my gawd