The Gang Leader's Daughter

The Gang Leader's Daughter

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K.M.J. By Take_a_Guess Updated Dec 22, 2016

Christina James, takes after her mothers stunning features and boxing skills, but everything else she knows comes from her dad.

She learned how to be sarcastic, witty and how to talk like a sailor. Christina learned every little thing from her father.

Even how to manage a gang that harbors werewolves.

Being around this her whole life and seeing her mom die before her eyes, nothing has ever surprised Christina.

So imagine how she feels when the new British guy in town goes to her school, chalked full of surprises. One of those surprises being that they're mates.

Christina always hide behind a fake smile and terrorized eyes, but can she continue to fool people when Xavier Temiton is bringing down her walls?

Xavier notices how his mate hides her true self behind a copy of her that seems free and uncaring, but he knows better.  He can see the pain and haunting behind her eyes and he is determined to help.

Anything is possible with them, no matter who her father is...

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FuckinYou- FuckinYou- Feb 13, 2016
Will you still love when I'm alone,but young and beautiful!
                              -Lana Del Ray;Young and Beautiful.
christy8126 christy8126 Nov 19, 2015
Love it so far can't log wait to read the rest awesome writing