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Sam Keogh By TheKhaosChronicles Completed

Do you ever wish that you could leave the world you live in? Do you ever wish that you could have a change? Do you ever wish that you could make it all go away? Well today is your lucky day! Welcome to the year 2013, the first year of the zombie apocalypse. I just know you'll love it here.

"Filled with pointless action and dry British humour, 'A.R.K.' is a terrible read and you should probably put it down right now." ~ The Times

But don't be fooled by the characters' names and faces. Quite a few of them have something from the past that they're fighting against, as well as hoards of the undead. Or was it caused by a raging infection? What exactly is A.R.K.? And what do they do? And why am I asking you these questions? Read on to find out...

TheKhaosChronicles TheKhaosChronicles Aug 15, 2011
@cheerleader-x I don't go too much into detail, I will if I rewrite it
BreezyandCheer7 BreezyandCheer7 Aug 15, 2011
II like the prolouge, but not really the poem, good! but not enough detail:)
MuzicIzMyBoyfri3nd MuzicIzMyBoyfri3nd Aug 14, 2011
I loved the poem! Im really bored and pressed shuffle, and this came up :D haha
jamilla_ jamilla_ Aug 13, 2011
I like this, but um...the poem, i thought it was too much O.o
dyingtoshoutout dyingtoshoutout Aug 06, 2011
"And dance on your grave, singing 'Hallelujah!'" Loved that part. Ha. Nice prologue. Short and sweet. I like it.
RebeccaElizabethHill RebeccaElizabethHill Dec 08, 2010
lol and is the cover for your book...is that from plants vs. zombies? haha smooth :D