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It Ain't Easy: (An Urban Story) COMPLETE

It Ain't Easy: (An Urban Story) COMPLETE

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Ashlyn Denson By BluePrint_Ashlyn Completed


*BBRRRIINNNGGGG,* My loud as alarm clock go. I climb out my bed, as the ice cold air hit me. "Damn, why the fuck is it so cold?" I say to myself while turning off the air. I walk down the hall to my little brother's room, because  know his ass ain't up yet. "Aye, Jamal get your big head ass up man. You gone be late," I say shaking my little brother to wake up. "Man just five more minutes," he grunts. "I'm gone be on your ass in five more minutes, now get your ass up," I warn. Just to give you a little info about me, I'm Jihad, it's Indian for Holy war or some shit like that. I don't know about the holy part, but I do love war, and any motherfucker that try me will get it too. I grew up in the Heights of Washington D.C., and I raised myself and my little brother Jamal. I'm not about to tell you about how hard it is growing up in the hood, because y'all nigga's should already know by now. Anyway, let me finish getting this little nigga ready for daycare, I got stuff to do. "You be...

ferina96 ferina96 Jan 02
Educate yourself. It's not Indian. It's a Muslim term & don't be disrespectful. It literally means struggle ✌🏼️
cuteguys1 cuteguys1 Nov 23, 2016
Grabs scissors and a knife ✂✂ he's gonna be bleeding chocolate milk after I'm done with him
Tedrionna Tedrionna Aug 03, 2016
I got mad as hell when I got to the needs to be finished .
trufight7640 trufight7640 Dec 10, 2016
Too lose in the tongue around children. It may seem cliche but you should allow the little boy to keep his innocence. Referring to the "thug" comment and also the" like she gave you some pussy" comment.
PandaBEARme PandaBEARme Jun 03, 2016
He can't shake her hand but she can watch his brother okay👌.... whatever
jadababy22002 jadababy22002 Oct 29, 2016
I thought it was holy then I saw war I was like oh 😂😂😂