So...I Like The Badboy

So...I Like The Badboy

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DARIA By elegantlyunrefined Updated Jan 10

[SEQUEL TO I DON'T LIKE BADBOYS...SERIOUSLY. I recommend that you read that first, because major spoilage alert, but who am I to tell you what to do?]

For socially awkward Cathy, talking to boys is a challenge, let alone dating the bad boy. Having finished high school without successfully working out how to kiss, the relationship is guaranteed to be an awkward one. 

With them taking separate paths and meeting new people, the differences between them become even more obvious, and the tightrope they've been balancing on is starting to sway.  
"So, are you going to tell me why you're giving me seventeen apples?" I mumbled, lifting the bag slightly to examine the red apples.
"An apple a day keeps the doctor away," he beamed proudly. 
"He's not a doctor yet."
"Same thing."
"I'm going away for fourteen days. Why seventeen?"
"Well, this guy seems particularly persistent, so I'm going to give you three extra apples to really keep him away."

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kohkohpuff kohkohpuff Aug 17, 2017
Wait what if Cathy ended up with Adam? Cos like obvi Ace is gonna be with a name tat starts with a S
Infires_man_yoongi Infires_man_yoongi Apr 09, 2017
yeaн let'ѕ ѕay υ ѕtill aren't cool вυt υ really are😕
mimmziiek mimmziiek Apr 15, 2016
But please no fights hunter and cathy are just soo cute together
abibridge abibridge Mar 22, 2016
perfect-o!!!!!!! but where's hunter??? does this mean #CASE still lives?
angie_tf angie_tf Mar 29, 2016
I totally understand, it always happens to me, like as soon as the maths exam was over I was like what the heck have I learnt??
FriedUnicornBooks FriedUnicornBooks Oct 28, 2016
No joke, that's what I'm going into when I get to uni. Well, what a coincidence…