How To Fuck Up a Cliche Story

How To Fuck Up a Cliche Story

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Gretchen By CookieChomper Updated 2 days ago

Have to heard of "How To Not Fuck Up a Cliche Story"? 


Well go check it out! 

This book is a parody... in a sense, but in story form.

You know all those cliche stories? Well this is as many cliche stories as I can shove into one! Looking for a cliche story? Come on, read!

(Has some humorous aspects)

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cynicalcrybaby cynicalcrybaby 2 days ago
Megan seems a lot like Regina George... Except the fact that she was meaner
magicalauthor13 magicalauthor13 2 days ago
Carful, this is how people get sucked into cults. It starts with the big smile and best friend thing, next thing ya know you're cutting people up and chanting some weird ish that summons demons!
ZaakiWithARoar ZaakiWithARoar a day ago
*relieved (as in the emotion I felt when I saw this update) :D Really adore this story and super excited for the changes. Hope the corrections don't bother you as I'm notorious for doling them out. <3
magicalauthor13 magicalauthor13 2 days ago
                              East high
                              East High wildcats
                              GETCHA HEAD IN THE GAME!!!!!!
thatoneGoodreed thatoneGoodreed 15 hours ago
I can’t squeal. My voice doesn’t go that high... welcome to alto town