How To Fuck Up a Cliche Story

How To Fuck Up a Cliche Story

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Gretchen By CookieChomper Updated Nov 16, 2016

Have to heard of "How To Not Fuck Up a Cliche Story"? 


Well go check it out! 

This book is a parody... in a sense, but in story form.

You know all those cliche stories? Well this is as many cliche stories as I can shove into one! Looking for a cliche story? Come on, read!

(Has some humorous aspects)

I just imagined her mom staring directly into her eyes and pouring an entire bowl of sugar into her coffee
The bad boy in my book is so cute, I honestly want to change the title after reading this lmao.
"Suddenly the house felt bigger" 
                              If it happened in real life, then I guess mansion wouldn't be a big deal for anybody.
Why you even talking to him? If it were me, I would've just ignored his ass and moved to school on my own two legs, you know.
Sweet_Coco2802 Sweet_Coco2802 Dec 30, 2016
Sarcasm — the ability to insult yourself in front of wattpaders without you yourself realising 
                              The new definition rocks.
ShesAKilljoyQueen ShesAKilljoyQueen 2 days ago
*looks at camera* "And that, kids, is how the fourth wall was destroyed"