How To Fuck Up a Cliche Story

How To Fuck Up a Cliche Story

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Gretchen By CookieChomper Updated Aug 24

Have to heard of "How To Not Fuck Up a Cliche Story"? 


Well go check it out! 

This book is a parody... in a sense, but in story form.

You know all those cliche stories? Well this is as many cliche stories as I can shove into one! Looking for a cliche story? Come on, read!

(Has some humorous aspects)

What exactly is screamo? Is it like just screaming or shouting someone answer
Why do they have to have the most stupidest names what happened to the name bob
unicornxxx1 unicornxxx1 Aug 26
Funny! I don't like making fun of music UNLESS it's screamo.