Fates Why Me?

Fates Why Me?

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World of Otaku By Im_the_otaku Updated Feb 05

Being the baby and the smallest one in the family, you would expect your family to do everything in their power to make sure you were safe and happy, but not for Esme. 

Esme is a werewolf and the runt of the litter. Out of her two brothers and sister, she was born as the smallest and weakest wolf. As a result, she was rejected by her family, her pack, and her mate who just happens to be the next Beta. 

Running away from her pack, she stumbles upon another pack that takes her in and treats her like family. She also meets their broken Alpha who, for the first time, is looking at another woman since his mate was killed by rouges. 

All is well for Esme until a cry for help from another pack has them opening their home to familiar faces, familiar faces that she hoped she would never see again.

Things get really crazy when her ex mate sees her with another man and her round stom

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Ikr sometimes I just pretend that my alarm did ring because I dismissed it so my mom wakes me up
emiegirl123 emiegirl123 May 25, 2016
Why is it that this book has the exact same cover and blurb as the book by @JustHerThoughts ?
The first step to get people to love you, is to love yourself first.
                              How could someone seem to love you if you can even do that?
ahhhh.. Finally someone in a book that is shorter than me.....even if its just an inch
StuckInThoughts StuckInThoughts Aug 14, 2016
I'm so happy to see a story with a girl who loves her body! It's so awesome, and refreshing❤️
AnonAcc AnonAcc Aug 17, 2016
Okay, I can see now how she's light but I also remember you mentioned her body type to be petite soooo... Yeah