Wolf Hill - A Werewolf Novel

Wolf Hill - A Werewolf Novel

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World of Otaku By Im_the_otaku Completed

One fateful night changed everything for Emilio. No longer was he just a butler for his abusive family, but the mate of the powerful soon to be Alpha of Wolf Hill Jasper Gray, a posessive Alpha wolf who keeps what's his close. 

Right after Emilio is attacked and forcefully marked, he runs away from his abusive family and is taken into a world he never knew existed. A world of supernaturals who accepted him and a mate who loves him. 

But all isn't so sweet in this new world of his. Pain, death, and hardship still lurk a little to close or his liking. 




  • alpha
  • boyxboy
  • death
  • hunters
  • justherthoughts
  • love
  • mates
  • neglect
  • supernaturals
  • werewolf
  • wolf
HeartlessFoodwife12 HeartlessFoodwife12 Jun 22, 2017
I say that Everytime I do something wrong and have the nerve to cry
vlost_ vlost_ Jun 24, 2017
i say that all the time to myself and all it does is make me feel so small and pathetic.
CRSM_Stories CRSM_Stories Aug 07, 2017
We're all living in the same hell just different devils, playing the same game just different levels.
                              Just because someone has it worst then you doesn't give you the right to put yourself down. We're all human and different people can only handle different situations.
1fangirlLifestyle 1fangirlLifestyle Dec 23, 2016
In America you'd be surprised how being blood relatives doesn't mean anything
BVBandBTSfan BVBandBTSfan Feb 28, 2017
1fangirlLifestyle 1fangirlLifestyle Dec 23, 2016
Ya see I'm to bitter for that mess I'd be like "fück you🎶🎶" if you hurt me and I trusted you your dead to me he's too forgiving