Arranged Marriage

Arranged Marriage

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"What?!"Chloe yelled from across the room.

"We need to do this for Beale company."her mom explained calmly.

"No aca-way,mom!She's a freaking girl!And I'm not going to marry a girl.I'm not even gay."she said in anger.

"Stop with your acapella group thing!Barden Bellas or something it's useless and don't use 'aca' anymore."her mom demanded.

"I don't care what you want to say!Barden Bellas have been my life for 7 years!"she shouted angrily while throwing her hands in the air with frustration.

"Chloe Anne Beale,don't you dare to tell at your mom like that!Just marry her!We need to save our company and we arranged the marriage before you two were born."his dad said.

"I hate you guys.I thought you guys want me to find my own love.I thought you guys were different not like the others."she said with a sigh.

"If you don't marry her,don't ever come back to this house and don't you dare to call me 'mom'."her mom said harshly.

Her dad nodded,that's mean he agreed.Tears fell from the redhead's eyes.

"I'll do whatever you want even though I'm not happy."she said and ran to her room,crying for hours.

BananaxCraze BananaxCraze May 14, 2016
Noooo, you should've left, I mean you've got money and before they can put a stop to it, you can make a living.
dasiazientek dasiazientek Apr 12, 2016
Please continue, this story is great so far and I think it's a pretty cool storyline you're going with, can't wait to read more