Levi x Reader | The Love Letter

Levi x Reader | The Love Letter

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It all started and ended with a single piece of paper.



I do not own Attack on Titan, the characters and the pictures.

Happy reading! 
All the love  -L

xX_AOT_LEVI_FOX_Xx xX_AOT_LEVI_FOX_Xx Dec 31, 2016
note the L............................................... L LAWLIET?!
shadowkitt10 shadowkitt10 Dec 04, 2016
ERWIN WHY?!?!? WHY DID U SAY THAT?!?!? I DID NOT SAY THAT!!! *quietly making velociraptor screams*
My dad would've said, "You'd better get your ass in here and get your goddamn chores done."
Ha. Ahaha. AHAHAH RICH this IS too RICh, go shove that sarcasm--[content removed for gruesome depictions]
I would honestly just hand them the letter and run and never show my face again lol cause I get so shy so easily and *dies*
pumpermuse pumpermuse Nov 20, 2016
I swear when do this its gets me soooooo mad. I DID NOT SAY SUCH A THING