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You were scrolling through YouTube, Bored as it seemed like boredom sucked the life out of you. As you scrolled down through your 'Recommended Videos', Something caught your attention. It seemed like a guy wearing a panda hat with brown hair, brown eyes. You noticed he was a tad bit chubby, Yet you still found him adorable in some ways. You clicked his video and you saw his YouTube username, 'TheOrionSound', Having no choice but to watch his video -since you were desperate for amusement. As you watched one of his videos, You began to be interested in his videos, His CrazyCraft's, His One-Take Tuesdays (You thought his voice was amazing), His Q and A's and such more. You were so curious you searched him on the web, After further research you discover his real name was 'Oliver Parsons' and he was single. Then one day, You unexpectedly meet at a mall in England, And after that, you became friends. 

Will you discover feelings for him and does he too?

PandaRulz PandaRulz Apr 16
Serious question, Didn't we all go through a stocker phase when we found oli XD
I live in England and guess what? 
                              IT's RaIniNG rIghT nOW
I recently just discovered Oli's and the rest of the squad's channels. And I obviously fell in love with Oli! So glad we have fanfics!
The_legend_of_kat The_legend_of_kat Dec 20, 2016
Rainy England no offense to those who were born and live there
I mean there's worse stalkers in the world (me) who knows where he lives.... oops
ZeldaIGuess ZeldaIGuess Apr 01, 2016
What if I live in England? I'll just say I lived in England instead of vacation.