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Supernatural Secrets (#Wattys 2016)

Supernatural Secrets (#Wattys 2016)

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Vanessa Taylor By fantasyreader27 Updated May 13

"You Mine, Sweetheart. How much ever you deny it, you are mine! You will not leave me, Tanya." His deep alluring voice caressed her name. 
            She stuttered to say something back to him but he had her cornered. His torso pressed against hers, his mouth near her ear, his hand on either side of her head, creating a cage she might not ever want to come out of.  
            He pulled back to look in her eyes. His deep green eyes calling her in, to give into his charms, warning her that it was futile to war against him. She felt her cheeks heat up.
            He smirked in victory.
           "I'll give you an hour of a head start kitten. Run as far as you can..." He pushed his head into the crook of her neck, breathed deeply and kissed her collarbone. 
        "...and when I find you, which I'm sure I will, you won't ever be able to escape me kitten!" He whispered softly.
            Him : Blake Nathan Parker
            Her : Tanya Erica Marston
            Him : 20 years old
            Her : 16 years old
            Him : Werewolf King and Alpha of the most dangerous pack of U.S
            Her : A student of Medical (Biology)
            Him : Dangerous, Dark, Cruel, Ruthless, Dominant, Handsom as Hell etc
            Her : Cheerful, Nerdy, Friendly, Bold, Average Looking etc
            Him : Has everything but wants only one more - His Mate
            Her : Has everything and wants nothing more
            What happens when these two completely different worlds collide? 
            What happens when these two lives get intertwined into the dangerous net of fate created by destiny?
            What happens when 'He' fights to find 'Her' while 'She' runs to hide from 'Him'?

NonameAlexis NonameAlexis Aug 15, 2016
I feel as if im a little kid with someone reading to me,stopping at times to show me the pictures
t0525038i t0525038i Sep 28, 2016
Can u change nathan parker yo somebodyelse plssss i really dont like him no offence
MrsGoogle MrsGoogle Aug 16, 2016
I don't understand the hype about Somerhalder. No offense, but I don't like him.