Lexa, Stuck in the Suburb

Lexa, Stuck in the Suburb

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11Thisisme04 By 11Thisisme04 Updated Dec 31, 2016

Lexa Kane your typical city Polis girl was shipped to TonDC your typical suburb. Where she will try to live her life as normal as a city girl can but how much trouble can she get when none other than Clarke Griffin her suburbian high school arch nemesis drives her crazy.

The hatred. The secrecy. The Romance. The angst.The Humor. The anger.The lust.

How will Lexa Kane and Clarke Griffin handle their hate/love relationship?

A tell tale of Suburgatory with Clexa with a twist!

FluffyPinks FluffyPinks Sep 06, 2016
Oh Jesus Christ. Maybe it should be Lexa: In the Country, cause this sure ain't the suburbs. I do happen to be a country girl myself, buuuuut no one really sounds like that so *shrugs*. No one but rednecks, that is. I swear if this is Clarke...
FluffyPinks FluffyPinks Sep 06, 2016
So I'm pretty sure this is the country, because suburbs are just white-Picket fence neighborhoods, really. Right?
FluffyPinks FluffyPinks Sep 06, 2016
Oh thank God I'm just not really one for country stereotypes...sry
FluffyPinks FluffyPinks Sep 06, 2016
Jesus Christ this is a bad town I agree with Lexa, take Clarke and never look back. (Maybe take Octavia and Raven too but other than that NEVER GO BACK)
LexaRoot LexaRoot Dec 21, 2016
What kind of a town is this....wtf am I reading... makes we want to keep reading tho
ClexualVibes ClexualVibes Nov 07, 2016
Harry Potter references in Clexa fanfics give me life! 😍😂