Kiss and Kill (Jercy AU)

Kiss and Kill (Jercy AU)

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allstarauthor By allstarauthor Updated Jul 05

This is a Jercy fanfic that takes place in a post apocalyptic setting in New York. Jason Grace is surviving on his own until he stumbles across a group with a community that's been living in safety for the past three years. The moment he is welcomed there, he makes plans to leave. That is until he meets a person he can't picture himself living without.

The question for Jason is: Should he stay or should he go?


All characters in this story belong to Rick Riordan.

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Better fcking be Percy or his squad and not some other hot guy that's stealing Jason
sunnglow sunnglow Jul 29
The first person in a zombie dystopia book to be aware of what zombies are and not asking endless questions on what the infected people have become. XD
pmsoccer11 pmsoccer11 May 22
Is this based off the walking dead? Either way it's really very good
jason_graceless jason_graceless Oct 22, 2016
omg this is amazing somebody needs to explain to me why this doesn't have thousands of votes yet
Demon_ruler Demon_ruler Nov 08, 2016
Cold? Honey you wanna go somewhere hot and humid. They'll decay slower in the cold!
Hogwarts_Demigod_ Hogwarts_Demigod_ Nov 13, 2016
Wow, I actually really like this. All the other Jercy fics I have read are poop. I used to not like Jercy, but now it's way up there, second to only solangelo.