🅱️ 🅾️ N E L E S S  PIZZ🅰️ [art book]

🅱️ 🅾️ N E L E S S PIZZ🅰️ [art book]

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˚✧₊ craig tucker ⁺˳✧༚ By McWhoreDick Updated Jan 05

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|| My art book, where I literally dump my art (if you call that art) ||
- Osomatsu San [absolute favorite]
- ClassicaLoid [favorite]

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AccidentallyCool AccidentallyCool Aug 13, 2016
"not alot of undertale art"
                              *the first thing i see is undertale* XD
SomeoneOnHere SomeoneOnHere Aug 12, 2016
Are you in the Creepypasta fandom? I love your drawings, and I was wondering because I probably have something to request if you do. Or Marble Hornets cause both are great.
ToxicFanfictions ToxicFanfictions Jul 11, 2016
Oka shouldn't be in the Occult club....
                              She should be in the Oc-cute club.
                              And i'm not talking about angles.
-TomCat- -TomCat- Aug 12, 2016
She looks so innocent even though she watches the Basu Sisters suspiciously
smexykitty12 smexykitty12 Feb 26, 2017
It's THAT DUDES thumbnail using it?
                              If you know who this is I love you 😘
SansieGirl190x SansieGirl190x Apr 01, 2016
Actually if you say Oka Ruto really fast and with a different pronounciation, it's 'Occult' in Japanese
                              YANDERE DEV YOU SMARTASS