The Duke's Bride

The Duke's Bride

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Mecu By MecuSama Updated Jun 04, 2017

For centuries the Chamberlain's Family rule over the nobles for ages, their both  powerful and  wealthy, the current heir is Lord Henry Warren Chamberlain who is forced to find himself a wife which he gravely refuse to do so, he doesn't want to be chained by marginal unity. Unlike other gentleman who kept on searching for a wife he commits his time in studies and business in short -He doesn't want to commit to any opposite sex, but his father the duke of Chamberlain beg to differ and demanded him to marry at once  otherwise he will disinherit him which left him no choice but to find a woman befitting to be his wife most likely be the one which does  not give a damn if he wasn't by her side.

Lady Elizabeth Olivia Mellington fits his criteria perfectly, the chit doesn't even care for his welfare, but her family is in grave debt and he thought it would do them both good if they marry each other and he plans to do so, but lady Elizabeth hate his guts to the point of throwing up by the mere sight of him. 

Will their relationship prosper and meet each other in the altar?

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