The allure of darkness

The allure of darkness

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ana_morgan By ana_morgan Updated May 15, 2016


It's been four months since Elena left Mystic Falls. It was the tragic night when she fed on a cheerleading-competition, the day she attacked Liz Forbes and the day of the terrible fight between Caroline and her. From that night on everyone was sure the Elena they knew was gone and that only a monster was left in her, but Caroline still had some hope...

Chapter 1

It was a nice day, the sun was shining. Caroline stepped through the entrance, just like every day. When she almost arrived at her locker her mobile rang. "Hello?", she answered the phone. "Hey Care..." Caroline's eyes widened and she stopped immediately. "I know it's been a while and yes, last time we met was a disaster but...would you mind meeting me at the Grill? It's kind of important...". Caroline was still shocked and her mouth popped open. "Elena?", she asked dumbfounded. Of course she already knew it was Elena on the phone, she was her best friend after all. "Uhm..sure, I mean if it's important...when?" she...

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lorettamiller1516 lorettamiller1516 Nov 14, 2016
In the book cover the boytom picture is it an edit or from a scene if it is witch one
hellzz-on-earth hellzz-on-earth Jan 05, 2015
I can dig Elena & Elijah. poor Caroline Klaus makes her all flustered. lol
hellzz-on-earth hellzz-on-earth Jan 05, 2015
nice cliffhanger. klaus definitely has an effect. curious if Elena is on the up & up?