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Pen Your Pride
Celestial | Assassination Classroom and Tokyo Ghoul Crossover

Celestial | Assassination Classroom and Tokyo Ghoul Crossover

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silver_silhouette_088 By silver_silhouette088 Updated Sep 09, 2016

Miyako Amane, a student from Kamii Middle School, transfers to Kunugigaoka Middle School on her last year.

Why? To kill that octopus, of course. How did she know? That information is classified.

They see an expressionless girl who soon opens up to be an innocent and cheerful girl who lacks experience with people.

She and sincere. She was by their side, listening. But nobody really knew anything about her.

Nobody really knew. Nobody really tried. Nobody really asked.

Besides, it wasnt like she would tell anyway.

So, tell me, how would you open up the heart of someone so close to you yet so far away?


I see an emotionless and cold girl who is highly capable of killing. She only shows emotion to people she cares of.

She despises humans and only trusts her own kind.

She can no longer cry or find true happiness in her life. But she forced herself to be disguised as a normal human middle schooler. Humans, how she hated them for their normal life. How she despised them for ruining that little speck of happiness she had left. 

And so a long story brought her in front of the gates of Kunugigaoka middle school.

The mask will fall. That ice cold heart will melt. Those scars invisible to all will unravel.

Why? Because of that class, that school, those students, that teacher. Class 3-E.

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shookethshookttrash shookethshookttrash Aug 04, 2017
I literally thought of Mutsuki but then I was like
                              Wait there's also Kayano
kinkylattae kinkylattae Nov 29, 2017
I’m sorry but, KURUMI~SAMA!!!
                              I’m gay for this bish so imma just fangirl somewhere besides the comments. I sawwie
missnoir11 missnoir11 Jan 27
I have photographic memory. I guess I should be lucky. WRONG! Once I see something I can't unsee it!
EddiesMYSon28 EddiesMYSon28 5 days ago
Sometimes i have photographic memory but when i need it. i can’t remember anything
LinA-rt LinA-rt Jul 05, 2017
Akashi Seijuro! Seriously? YES!! 😊
                              A CROSSOVER IN A CROSSOVER!
99930D 99930D Dec 05, 2016
The girl on your book cover is actually one of the main character in Connected Ties, her name is Kumori Chi. Kumori means Shadow and Chi means Blood in Japanese. Go read the book, it's nice and awesome, it also have a sequel