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Psychotic Lover By Kureiji_otaku Completed

As ANBU Black Ops were outside the border of the Leaf Village, they find a little girl around the age of 7, barely breathing. Not knowing who or why this girl is out here, she is taken to the hospital. The little girl she has no memory of her name, her past, or what she was doing in the woods. Kakashi adopts this confused girl, gives her a new name, and tries to help her regain her memory. 

She is named Alice Hatake but for some reason, Alice refuses to talk. Kakashi later learns that she posses the Sharingan. Could she be another survivor from the Uchiha Clan? If so, how did she make it out alive? Is there a reason why she can't talk?

Warning: may contain some yuri in the near future chapters.

I don't want none unless you got sharingan.
                              *shows picture of Orochimaru as Nicki Minaj and the world starts throwing up*