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Poem: Consumed in Darkness

Poem: Consumed in Darkness

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ShimmeringLight By ShimmeringLight Completed

A girl, consumed in her own unethical actions, finds herself getting further and further from the Almighty. A bit of hope is left within the darkness, but she wonders if it is enough to retreat back to Him. The Heavens is lost along the darkness and she can't seem to find it anymore. She realizes that Hell is constructed with her own wrong desires, the regret she now upholds, and it seems to frighten her. The evil shapes her into becoming something she is now scared of herself and finds out that she is being lured to the Satan as time passes by. Her soul is her only way of going back to the one that has created her. Whatever she chooses to do with it, is what will lead her to the one place in her afterlife.

AshesFallen AshesFallen May 27, 2012
@ShimmeringLight Your welcome. I only told the truth. Its a great poem. I hope you write more soon.
ShimmeringLight ShimmeringLight May 26, 2012
                              How sweet! Thank you. I can't say it is my best work, but I will work hard n the future if I write more poems! [=
ShimmeringLight ShimmeringLight May 26, 2012
                              Thank you. I greatly appreciate you stopping by to put such a lovely comment. I must get back to writing poems if I expect you to stop by and read some of my works again. [=
AshesFallen AshesFallen May 26, 2012
It was an amazing poem. It's full of raw emotion and it was just it's indescribable. Speechless that's what I was. . Great Job!
ShimmeringLight ShimmeringLight May 14, 2012
                              Thank you so much. I didn't think anyone read it anymore. [=
krazy_kd krazy_kd Apr 03, 2011
Hey you!
                                   Great poem! Hell, even the blurb was good! I loved your idea and how you used double meaning words that contradict each other to paint us the picture of what she's feeling. Every poet/writer has their own style of writing and yours was unique in a lot of ways. Well done! :)