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Akastski Fangs (Diabolik Lovers x Half-Vampire Reader)

Akastski Fangs (Diabolik Lovers x Half-Vampire Reader)

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IcerrFoxx 03 By IcerrFoxx03 Updated 2 days ago

You are (Y/n) Akastski, and you have quite a few secrets that you must keep at all costs...

In your past, you were born a half-vampire, from a vampire father and a human mother.

Even though you are half-vampire, you do not retain normal vampire abilities such as, transformation, teleportation, or speed, but you do retain the ability to be immortal.

Your vampire father had known that your blood was different from others, so he began to torture you for blood.

Soon enough, your cruel vampire father disappeared, and a dark spirit took over your subconscious mind, leaving you with the side effects of migraines, vomiting, and even partial death depending if the spirit was trying to take over your entire being.

When the dark spirit would take over part of your mind, something horrible would happen... Every time, no matter what...

Both of your parents were now gone, and you were so young, and alone...

When you were three years of age, a man found you. Later on, when you were seven or eight, the man brought you to the Mukami brothers. You only stayed there for a month before you were once again taken by that man to the Akastski residence, where you met your current "brothers", although they never legally adopted you.

Now you are 15-16 years old, and your "brothers" have now gone missing, and after a year of being alone, you have been sent to the Sakamaki residence by the church.

Can you keep your secrets?

What future awaits you at the Sakamaki residence?

What spirit is haunting your soul? And why?

Do the Mukami brothers even remember you? And if they do... Will they come for you?

And what's happened to your brothers after all this time?!

Find out in this vampire tale!


[Disclaimer: I do not own any of the DL characters and I do not own you! The only characters I own are the Akastski brothers, Rai, Ren, and your first family.]

kitty-neko kitty-neko 2 days ago
Speaking of nightmares is Yui here because I don't feel like getting annoyed (sorry all you Yui fans)
FÚCK OFF.......………….…........................but am still fangirling
I hate them the most.                  But I also love them. is wrong with me
I understand this is a grammar mistake, but I always find this funny.
                              "Your black shoulder backpack full of my belongings."
                              So our backpack has your stuff in it..? Sorry, I just can't stop smiling at this for some reason.
sevensmysticmess sevensmysticmess Aug 25, 2016
Wow! I really like this idea yuki-chan. I kinda lied at school when i said i k ew whatvyou were talking about. Ahaha..