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Akastski Secret (Diabolik Lovers x Fem!Half-Vampire Reader)

Akastski Secret (Diabolik Lovers x Fem!Half-Vampire Reader)

24K Reads 837 Votes 21 Part Story
Icerr~ By IcerrFoxx03 Completed

  Is there a history behind the name? Or are there only lies and deceit?
  Two Prophecies that intertwine like Time and Fate... Time and Fate may be entirely different, but they connect on a deeper level. As do the two Prophecies mentioned.
  One Prophecy foretells the future of (Y/n)... A half-vampire born of a cruel vampire father, and human mother.
  Soon after her second birthday, a spirit came and took over part of (Y/n)'s subconscious mind. That spirit, was not a pure one, but one of obsessed love...
  An obsessed soul...
  An Archfiend's Prophecy...
  A Prophecy that foretells the future of a 15-16 year old girl, who now resides in the Sakamaki mansion...
  She's now had three homes...
  The Mukamis... (from ages 7-8)
  The Akastskis... (from ages 8-15)
  The Sakamakis... (from ages 15-?)
  But even before that... What went on? What is (Y/n)'s past?
  Each family is now intertwined with (Y/n)'s own destiny... Her own fate...
  Is there a bigger secret behind the name of (Y/n) Akastski?
  Have the Mukami brothers ever forgotten (Y/n)?
  Where have her "brothers" from the Akastski family gone?
  How will (Y/n) Akastski's future turn out?
  Will (Y/n)'s dreams and nightmares save her from the everlasting haunting of her soul?
  Will she choose the path of red?
  Or the path of blood?
  Find out in this vampire tale...
  //Published: March 21, 2016\\
//Completed: July 9, 2017\\
  [Disclaimer: I do not own any of the DL characters and I do not own you! Any photos or videos I may use do belong to their rightful owners. The only characters I own are the Akastski brothers, Rai, Ren, and your first family.]

kitty-neko kitty-neko Apr 24
Speaking of nightmares is Yui here because I don't feel like getting annoyed (sorry all you Yui fans)
1sangwoo 1sangwoo Jan 21
FÚCK OFF.......………….…........................but am still fangirling
1sangwoo 1sangwoo Jan 21
I hate them the most.                  But I also love them. is wrong with me
I understand this is a grammar mistake, but I always find this funny.
                              "Your black shoulder backpack full of my belongings."
                              So our backpack has your stuff in it..? Sorry, I just can't stop smiling at this for some reason.
-MinShookga -MinShookga Aug 25, 2016
Wow! I really like this idea yuki-chan. I kinda lied at school when i said i k ew whatvyou were talking about. Ahaha..