From Nerd To Badass Agent

From Nerd To Badass Agent

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"Huh" I was confused had I been talking aloud the whole time? 

     "Oh never mind, Are you Aubrey Turner?" 

     "Depends on who's asking." Why wasn't I running away? Or screaming for help? 

     "Fair enough, the names Carpenter, Evan Carpenter." Sexy guy, I mean Evan said.

     "You do realize that we're not in any fucking James Bond movies, nor are we secret agents," I snapped back. Oh my unicorns what is wrong with me. Evan just raised an eyebrow and laughed. 

     "Oh that's just what you think, Ms Turner." I gave him my best confused look while trying not to look constipated. 

     "What the hell is that supposed to mean?" 

Aubrey Turner has lived her whole life as the shy girl that gets picked on all the time. That is until Alex comes along and asks her out. What happens though, when Aubrey finds out it was all a joke and that Alex cheated on her with the girl that has made Aubrey's life a living hell? Worst of all she finds this all out on prom while her now ex-boyfriend laughs into the mike after being crowed prom king. Aubrey runs out of the school only to be asked to join an elite group of specially trained people that work to bring down the bad and help the good. But now Aubrey has  to work with her ex-boyfriend and the girl who hates her? Will she be able to show them that she doesn't need them? And what about her new partner Evan who she works with now? Will Alex want her back now that he thinks he can't have her? 

This book does contain swearing, so don't read if you don't like.

This is also my first story so if you could please tell me what you think that would be great.

Thanks, you guys are the best

Awesome cover by @LovemeLovemenotAG

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