Stand Alone/ Daryl Dixon (Book Two)

Stand Alone/ Daryl Dixon (Book Two)

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Everything is finally coming together for Madison and her group. They are happy but they don't feel quite safe anymore with the Governor still alive and lurking about. They truly think this is a new start.

But not every story has happy endings,

Everything soon turns down hill when people start getting sick around the prison and the Governor soon coming after them. Madison's life is tested when the Governor destroys her only chance at happiness. Now, she is on her own and walking the road alone, hoping to find her group.

What will happen? Will this be the final chapter for Madison? Or will her trusty hunter save her and everyone she loves?

mariepurdy mariepurdy Jul 11
People People!!!!! SETTLE DOWN WE KNOW THE STORY IS AWSOME. How do we know???? Because she is awsome duhhhh
The song is what Niall horan sang on his auditions I'm screaming. Sorry I'll fan girl over here alone