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When Stars Collide | Editing

When Stars Collide | Editing

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. By EmSlough Updated Nov 13, 2016

|| He regarded me silently at this, raising his beer to his lips to take a long drink. His eyes glinted in the darkness. After a moment, he finally spoke: "I don't do second chances, stella cadente."
	"And I told you I don't speak Italian."
	"It means shooting star." His voice was barely above a whisper. "I thought it fit you."
	"You're a world class crash and burn. Anyone can see that. It must run in the family. Because of, well" - his gaze cut to Takeo's room - "you know."
	A surprised rush of air slipped from between my lips before I could stop it, and I took a step back, trying to keep myself from hunching over. "I really hate you," I told him then. "I hope you burn in Hell."
	At this, he laughed, tipping his head back to look at the hallway ceiling. "Oh, darling," he murmured. "Trust me when I say that feeling's mutual. So I guess that means we'll be burning together, yeah?"
	"Fuck you." The words were spat out over my shoulder as I headed into my room. I was seething. I wanted Griffin King to go drown himself in the toilet. I wanted to forget my parents had even ever had this stupid idea. More than anything, I just wanted to have the last word. But as I closed my door behind me, I heard him let out a low chuckle.
	"At least buy me dinner first," he said. ||

11Kiki28KL 11Kiki28KL Jan 24
cliché was part of my life even before I was born aka I love the hella outta dem
bhyuns bhyuns Aug 15, 2016
i love how ur stories' characters are so diverse iTS SO RARE HERE!!!
Iellaaaaa Iellaaaaa May 20, 2016
I love how you start your stories. They offer comfort and warmth.
holmesical holmesical Jul 09, 2016
It's great that you have decided to have one of the main characters as diverse bc a lot of wattpad stories only have the white boy/white girl thing going on. Nothing wrong with that, but diversity is always great. :)
Iellaaaaa Iellaaaaa May 20, 2016
Oh my god Am I supposed to read on or nah Because there's a thingy HAHA
cecelia74 cecelia74 Jun 12, 2016
Yess I've been waiting for a Japanese character! (since I, myself, am Japanese) Thank you so much for having diverse protagonists ❤️