Angels- Raphael Santiago (BK ONE)

Angels- Raphael Santiago (BK ONE)

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Amiyah Reeves By WildlyWritten Updated Jun 20, 2016

She felt like crashing.
He could help her fly like the angel she was.
Gabrielle has been through a normal Shadowhunter life.
After all, being half-angel and half-human had its problems.
Fighting demons day and night, keeping an eye on rogue Downworlders and basically protecting normal mundanes from the danger of the Shadow World. That was her job from birth.
However, as a new Shadowhunter suddenly appears, her normal Shadowhunter life takes a different course.
Her ex-lover is almost head over heels for the new girl, her past is resurfacing and an old enemy of the Shadowhunters is brought to daylight.
Fighting the pain of your past can be stressful. But then there is Raphael.
Raphael Santiago is a vampire whose decades older than Gabrielle yet maintains the youthful features of a fifteen year old boy. He hasn't had the best life, or death in the case of vampires either. But being the head of the New York City clan of vampires, he has to push all that baggage back.
When he meets Gabrielle, old memories are brought back, love is rekindled and both could be happy with each other.
But some angels are damned but some angels can fly.
Is Gabrielle really damned?

Based off of The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare. Updates are every few days because, you know, life.
Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved.
If you have any feedback, please give me some. I'd like to improve this to the reader's feedback. If you have any covers that can be used on this book, feel free to message me!

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