Peter Pans Kidnapped Love (Book #1)

Peter Pans Kidnapped Love (Book #1)

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DarkDragonRider By DarkDragonRider Completed

"No!!!!! Please Peter don't do this!!" I cried as I continue to try to free myself from the ropes that are tied to the bed pole.

"I can't hold it anymore Rose. I love you so much and I want to show you that love." He said as he continued to take off his clothes.

Rose was a normal girl with a happy life. That was until one night when she was walking home and she caught the eyes of the one and only Peter Pan who was collecting boys from her town to take back to Neverland. But instead he kidnaps Rose. And he's never going to let her go. Because she is his kidnapped love.

(This is my very first book to write, I really hope you enjoy it😊)

⚠Mature and sexual contact

Book series Written and completed in 2016

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lrabon1 lrabon1 Sep 24
Is anyone else a little freaked out that Peter, a child, is pushing his "boy part" at Rose?
Most people don't get that a man like that is the best thing ever
I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE!!!🙌🙋🙌or is it contribute? Whatever it doesn't matter, I volunteer!!!😂
I thought Peter Pan was never supposed to grow up? That'd mean he wouldn't go through puberty 😂
EveSlim EveSlim Jan 06
Robbie K is so fine 😍😍 I'm not gonna lie that's the only reason why I clicked this book because I saw him and I got interested but if it was another Peter pan book and he wasn't Robbie I probably wouldn't have clicked it
So I try to help  the writers that I read, with little pointers on spelling and grammar as I know that most us don't have time to comb through all of our pages and edit so I am not trying to be mean. If you want me to stop just let me know. You spelled hair wrong.  Great book so far keep it up.