is our love valid? ;  phan

is our love valid? ; phan

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*lower case and misspellings are intended*

dan is alone. he always has been. he would spend day in and day out on multiple chat websites hoping one day he indeed will find a friend. 

that is, until a certain boy named phil lester sends a chat request to him, and he flips his shit. some one had finally wanted to be his friend, but maybe he gets more than he had originally bargained for.

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alysyeet alysyeet Aug 29, 2017
i saw this video of a spider crawling out of a banana and i refuse to eat bananas now.
My first thought when I read the name was aphmau the queen of the shipping fandom  XDD
I would relate if i had the courage to actually text someone, like please, text me first and give me a chance at friendship, please
a M i M o R e T h A n Y o U ‘ v E b A r G a I n E d F o R y E t