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 New Member: VxBTS

New Member: VxBTS

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VKook_Trash By Lovekiller009 Updated Jun 10, 2016

Six males never intended on falling  in love with there new member. He's very charismatic, cute, handsome, very kind and all good qualities you could think off. He was like some sort of drug that they  can't stop taking. Now how will the members try to capture this cute alien's heart and who among them will get there reward in the end?.

|ships= vkook, taejin, vhope, Taegi , vmon, vmin |(who will win?)

I was reading the hashtags and then it said selfharm and I gasped so loud my sister came in asking if something happened but anyway this story is going to be great I can feel it
kmlara1221 kmlara1221 Jun 16
I once commented on my sister's "diamond pores," and she got mad at me (she thought I meant that she was sweating enough to shine bright like a diamond) 👌
Taegi for the win!!!!!!!!!! But I also ship Vkook!!!!!!!!!! Why is this to hard to choose for baby TaeTae?! T^T
TaeTaeJaeger TaeTaeJaeger Jun 08, 2016
How can he be a real person? They said the characters they describe in stories don't actually exist, I've never felt more betrayed
MyUserNameIsThisLol MyUserNameIsThisLol Nov 03, 2016
How the hell does he manage to look so normally handsome in pictures without even trying! Oh yeah right! He is Tae! The Kim Taehgung of course that makes sense and here I am looking ugly af when someone tries to take a pic of meh sad life ;-;
poongipoopie poongipoopie Dec 29, 2016
I just wanna comment that I'm concerned on your phone's battery 😢