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poltergeist_people By poltergeist_people Updated Nov 08, 2016

"I do not know what to tell you Mrs King. I have done as you asked. It is not my fault you dislike the results of your own decisions."

The woman before me blinked rapidly, "My decisions? No I never decided any of this!"

"...But you asked. What is known cannot be forgotten. It was your decision to peruse that lead to your pain."

Abruptly she stood, her perfectly manicured fingers drumming on the tile counter, "no Delilah. I come to you because I need advice to give my husband to better our future. I pay you for that and that alone!"

I sighed, "you do not. I am not here to tell you what you desire. I tell you what I see. I tell you what simply is and what will be."

She started to pace, like some trapped animal. "I don't understand! because I found you we were saved from bankruptcy, you have never lead me astray and you have never told me something so terrible!"

"Nothing so...terrible has shown itself to me before that concerns you."

She shook her head, "tell me how to fix it!"

"you cannot."

"Now Delilah!"

"You cannot. The boy will die."


Delilah is a quiet girl, a seer who works for a wealthy woman by the name of Mrs. King. 

And then she tells her what no mother wants to hear.

When the future isn't what Delilah is supposed to say. her life changes in a way not even she saw coming.

BlackBloodWolf18 BlackBloodWolf18 Jun 09, 2016
O.M.F.G , poltergiest_people why... this is gonna be saddddd...ik u....ik ur books...hes/shes gonna fall in love with her/him...
                              and if hes gonna die like the girl says...then its saddd...but u wouldnt do dat...right???
Secrxt_luv Secrxt_luv Mar 22, 2016
Oh my gaaaaawwwwwd I'm so excited for a book only if books can excite me so @poltergeist_people
nerdsarebae16 nerdsarebae16 Jul 09, 2016
*sing song voice* you were having dirty thoughts about your sister
jessmb94 jessmb94 Mar 22, 2016
The hair image isn't showing to me. I can see the house but not her hair
Aquatic_Outlander Aquatic_Outlander Mar 22, 2016
Huh. Okay. Here are my thoughts. Love her hair, love her character, but not a fan of the whole brother sister thing.
BlackBloodWolf18 BlackBloodWolf18 Jun 09, 2016
OOOOHHHHHH SHEEEEET, maybe i was wrong when i said i knew poltergiest_people bout the romance, girl boy lovey thingy in all her boooks... bro and sis....das cool...