Shadow Girl (A mphfpc Fanfiction)

Shadow Girl (A mphfpc Fanfiction)

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Lee Fletcher By storytellerofapollo Updated Nov 07, 2017

Elizabeth James is peculiar. Her peculiarity is the fact that she can turn into a shadow. Her parents were disgusted by this 'uniqueness' so she ran away. Eventually she found a home at Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children

Credit for Miss Peregrines home for peculiar children goes to Ransom Riggs

Cover by: ToniKat

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- - Mar 27, 2017
This story is amazing! I've never read anything like it. I wish we were friends in real life, I bet you are such a great person.
hpwolfmagic hpwolfmagic Oct 29, 2017
MILLLARD YASSSSS, I have a major crush on Millard and Enoch.
PennyWeather1945 PennyWeather1945 Mar 31, 2016
I REALLY like this chapter. It was  great way to start off your book.
PeculiarBlu PeculiarBlu Jan 14, 2017
Polite persons do not chase people in the woods naked, Millard.
actressesrock20 actressesrock20 Nov 11, 2016
Wow i love this book and how you had victor in it this is one of my favorite miss peregrines story your and amazing writer i will definitely follow you @storytellerofapollo
CommanderoftheArgo2 CommanderoftheArgo2 Jan 16, 2017
Actually that sounds like something i would do i'm terribly clumsy