(Discontinued)It's all okay [NightwingxReader]

(Discontinued)It's all okay [NightwingxReader]

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Jason By ClockworkTurtle Updated Dec 08, 2016

I started this book when I was young and unsure how to write fanfiction. Due to me thinking this is cringe I will no longer update

A young beautiful cop of Gotham finds out who Batman and Nightwing are. After this she always helps them out and is always hanging around Dick as a friend what leads them to have feelings for each other 

But is always helping out Batman and Nightwing gonna make her a target to the villains of Gotham?

f/n First name
l/n Last name
m/n Middle name
f/c Favourite colour
e/c Eye colour
h/c Hair colour 
s/t Skin tone

I re update the chapters a lot, sorry if you get spammed with that stuff in your notifications xD
Also I'm more of a Jason Todd fan, but I know that you girls have a really big thing for Richard Grayson so ya know, I'll give him to ya!

Just a little warning: the first part of the book was written a while back ago so it's not the best but I assure you... it gets better :)

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The_Musical_Trash The_Musical_Trash Aug 27, 2017
Is it weird that I find it cute that she just wants some sweets? Like, "I'll buy all of the sweets for you!"
Geeky_Alert Geeky_Alert Apr 05, 2017
Batman! ... I was about to say, 'Haven't your mother ever told you not to hit girls' but then I typed Batman at the beginning and… remembered… AWKWARD. (¬_¬;)
Geeky_Alert Geeky_Alert Apr 05, 2017
Nope, he's not important enough to have a seductive voice. 😂
EmmaDaWierd EmmaDaWierd Jan 15
This is so me tho
                              Like you don't understand.....I'm literally just like this
-voidkhaleesi -voidkhaleesi Mar 14, 2017
                              jkjk he'll eat IT XD
- - Mar 19, 2017
Nuuuuuuu the foooooooooodddddddd!!!!!!!!😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭